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Syndicate Newsletter Term 1 1

Parnell Intermediate Year 7 & 8  2016                                             Term 1  No.1

Dear whanau of students for 2016
Welcome to new families who are joining the intermediate community for 2016 and welcome back to those returning either for year 8 or as a year 7 student. We appreciate the way children have started school last week, to have so many children with their stationery and being well prepared has made the transition to school a pleasure.
We would also like to acknowledge the students who have contributed by doing patrols and office duty in the first week, while rosters were being prepared.

This is a long newsletter but with a lot of vital information – please read this.

Curriculum focus for 2016.  CHANGE
Over the year we will be developing understandings about recognising and managing change.
·       Because it is important for Parnell students to recognise and be discerning about how to interpret change
·       Because it is important for Parnell students to be resilient and adaptable in the face of change.
·       It is also important for students to learn to care for their world so that it can continue to meet their needs.
·       Change will have implications
·       Change is constant
·       Change can be defined
·       Change can be micro to macro
·       Change brings about adaptation

The following whakatauki exemplify these areas of understanding.
Ka pu te ruha, ka hao te rangatahi  – The old net lies in a heap while a new net goes fishing.’ 
Ko te whenua te waiu mo nga uri whakatipu  - The land will provide sustenance for future generations
We welcome parent input into this.

The department this year consists of 3 classes of 28-30 pupils, containing both year 7 & 8 students.
Ms Parkinson is in room 23, Ms Barr in room 24, and Ms Crowther in room 25. Ms Lyons works in the tech room and you are welcome to pop in and chat to her about her programme: tech, science and art. We stream classes for maths and, depending on the need of the cohort, provide support teaching and extension in English and Maths. Over the year our topic studies rotation will be organised in a variety of ways changing each term: in year groups, with their house groups and in male and female cohorts so that students get to work with a variety of people and groups over the year. This also allows for a variation in teaching style and content depending on the needs of the groups.
We have Ms Marra working with us on Tuesdays and she will be running a PE programme to train students with team game skills and prepare teams for Eastern zone events.  

Our programmes runs along the lines outlined below.
Term 1:  Base timetable-

Roll/ Diary Writing
Science / Maths
Science / Maths
Science / Maths
10. 30
Spelling/ Homework in Homerooms
10.00 Mandarin
Morning tea
Waterwise /Tech Ms B- Waterwise theory & Art
Break outs
Tech for one group
11.30 PE – Rm 25
12.15PE - Rm 24
SSR/ Tech for one group

PE – Rm 23
Social studies-Govt
Social studies- NZ
SS -Govt
SS/ Music- NZ    
SS -Govt
BREAK OUTS:  On Tuesdays we will be running a break out and options programme where children will design a project that they will take on over a 4/5 week span - these can be in small groups or as individuals. In the first half of this term we will be assisting with preparation for the gala: creating resources for a haunted house and a fairy room, making fairy costumes and throws as well as ideas that students bring. Some children will work in the gardens. Ideas could include garden design, sign language, composing a song and recording it, science badges, learning about…, designing a website for..., recipes, drama, etc.  We are sure that our children have lots of ideas about areas that they would like to learn more about. If you have an interest or passion that you are keen to share or could be a motivator for the students we would love to hear from you.

Term 1 Curriculum focuses.
Literature: Shakespeare- Globe theatre.  We have made the most of the Globe theatre being set up in Auckland city this term and will be looking at the works of William Shaksepeare – and attending Romeo and Juliet and Twelfth Night at the theatre in March.
Topic Studies: Learning in social studies will have a NZ focus: NZ government, geography and the changing.
Maths: Number – decimals, adding, subtraction, multiplication and division, statistics, interpreting graphs.
PE & Health: Waterwise- watersafety. Sailing and kayaking, Softball, Sunsafe, swimming sports.
Technology: We are starting the term cooking in the solar ovens which were designed and constructed last year but were unable to be used due to cloud and rain. We move quickly to designing and constructing bags using sewing machines. If you are able to assist any Wed, Thurs. or Friday afternoon please contact

Roles and Responsibilities in the school.
We have been pleased to see many students offer to take on roles and responsibilities within the school; office duty, patrols, wet day lunch support in junior classes, assisting with a club at lunchtimes, gardening, assembly set up etc.  If your child did not get the opportunities they wanted in term 1 these rosters will be revisited again during the year.

Badges System
Children can earn points towards badges in Sport, Service, The Arts and Academic badges. There is a 3 level system with a Blue (500 points) , Gold (1000 points)  and platinum (2000 points) badges.
Each year we have exams in early term 4.
We set and prepare students for exams for the following reasons
1.    To prepare students for the exams they will sit on entry to high school and the systems they will meet in year 9.
2.    To show that regular work, focus, recording and systematic book work enables success. 
3.    To teach about exam sitting skills and methods for revision.
4.    To encourage self- evaluation and goal setting.

Community Projects
Each year we set aside a couple of hours to help in our community. This has traditionally been to clean up local parks and waterways.  In 2016 we will continue with this and take on a kaitiaki role in the Ayr St Reserve area. We will be monitoring the water condition of the stream.  A group of students will test the stream’s health each term and this information will assist the Auckland City Council with preserving with beautiful valley.

Waterwise in 2016.
 The year 7 & 8 students participate in a sailing and water safety course based out of Okahu Bay on Monday afternoons.  
Children require shoes that are suitable to wear in water to protect them from oyster shells and other obstacles that may be in the sand, as well as togs and a rash shirt or shirt that will protect them from the sun.  
In order to facilitate this we need parent assistance. We need both Waterwise trained and enthusiastic hands-on parent supporters in order to run a programme of sailing, kayaking and water safety.  Can you help for 3 hours on Mondays.
We are looking to run training sessions for parents in preparation for the 2016 season. Training as an instructor requires sitting a theory test- sailing and rules of the water, and a practical test which focuses on using a motor boat to coach and provide rescue and safety support for our students. If you are interested in learning more about this please contact  Thank you Melanie Judd and Rachel Crowther who are preparing to sit these exams.

15th February: This is our first Waterwise day. All students are expected to come prepared to participate (weather permitting) and parent assistance would be appreciated. We will leave school at 11.30 and return before 3 pm, travelling by bus.

We have not enrolled this year, but if there are 6 enthusiastic students and a parent who can assist we will enrol to participate in the Eastern Zone Rotary Soapbox competition at a venue to be confirmed. The building of the car and driving practices happen out of school hours and during lunchtimes.  
The Soap box team needs 4 drivers and from 2-4 crew in order to proceed and operate effectively. We would also appreciate sponsorship.

Cixi Students visiting Parnell  12th – 19th February.
Next week we will have visiting students in classes in the Intermediate department. We would like to provide the visitors and their host students with some activities from 11.30  on Tuesday- Friday.  On Monday 15th they will accompany the syndicate to Waterwise and take part in beach activities. We would appreciate parent assistance to help with a baking/cooking session, a session where they find the ‘Monkey’s in Parnell Art Galleries’ accompanied by a trip to the Chocolate Boutique and a trip to the Auckland museum.
If you are able to assist please contact Suzanne or Anna Hedstrom.

China Trip.
We are working towards taking a group of students to China in Term 3. We are communicating with our sister school to confirm dates- but at present are looking at traveling on about the 18th  of September  - and returning on the 1st or 2nd of October. The trip will include some sightseeing in Beijing and Shanghai, visiting historical and modern sights as well as 4 days in school at Cixi Experimental School.  Children are asked to apply for admittance to this trip. The forms are on the school website.
The criteria for participation is that students are conscientious, reliable and considerate, that they work consistently in Mandarin and have an interest in the culture. The students who attended last year were outstanding ambassadors for our school and country and we know that current students also display these characteristics and will be a credit to their families and the school.
Parents: There is the opportunity for parents to accompany the trip, the cost will be similar, with a single supplement to be paid. Emma (Millie’s mum) and Dave (Victoria’s dad) accompanied the group last year. 
Funding: There is a cost of approximately $3000 for this trip and this is to be funded by families. The group will have one fundraiser to raise money for our contingency fund. It is also expected that financial commitments to the school are up to date.
Applications close on the 1st of March.
Wellington – School Camp.  Monday 4- Friday 8th of April
We are planning to go to camp in week 10 – this a big challenge both in terms of organisation and independence for some students. We will be staying in the Hotel Waterloo – beside the train station in Wellington and having a very busy week visiting parliament and  watching the house in session, Te Papa, Museum of City and Sea, Katherine Mansfield House, Carter observatory, Capital E children’s theatre, Matiu Soames Island, Zealandia. We will create music, movies and art with Capital E, and ride the cable car.
We need an indication of the students who will be attending this camp in order to confirm costs and whether we are travelling by bus, plane, train or a mixture of these. At present the cost is going to be between $550 and $600 – but this will be determined by the number of students attending.
We appreciate that this is a huge cost and the BOT and Adrienne in the office have agreed that this can be paid over the next two terms via a regular automatic payment.  If you have a concern about meeting the total cost of this please come in and talk to us about this, as we can provide you with information as to how to apply for some financial support.
We are wanting an indication of intent to participate at this point
Firm commitments will be requested in a further letter in Week 3 with and $100 deposit to be paid by the end of the month. This will allow us to confirm bookings and book tickets.
Thank you to the two parents who have already offered to accompany us, we would ideally like 4 parents from each class, so please consider if you are able to take leave and accompany us on this fabulous trip.

A camp meeting will be held on Monday 22nd February at 6 pm (after the open class room/ meet the teacher afternoon).


We look forward to a great year in 2016
Suzanne Parkinson, Sue Lyons, Melanie Barr, Rachel Crowther, Val Marra.
The Intermediate team for 2016

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