NZ Geography and History

Unit for Term 1 Weeks 2-6 WALT

To interpret maps 
To label maps correctly 
To learn about historic events that have affect NZ'ers.

Your homework for this Unit. 
1. Title page. 
2. Research the origins of the names of 4 locations in NZ ie. Cape Foulwind is got it's name because a person on Captain Cook's ship, The Endeavour, broke wind as they rounded the cape and it smelt Foul ( REALLY?) DUE ON THURSDAY. 
3. What do you need to have access to for a 'Disaster Kit' - and how do you need to respond to disasters? DUE THURSDAY 
4. Complete summaries about 2 events in NZ (you may get this completed in class time. 
5. Research and present more fully, information about a disaster in NZ . This should be no more than 2 A4 or 1xA3 - yes it can be completed in your book or on the computer. DUE MARCH 11.

Websites we will be using/ you can use and explore.

Please make comment and add any other resources you find useful. 

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  1. Try using - this is a cool website to use on line and make a poster and then send it to others.