Wednesday, 10 February 2016

China trip - Indications of interest

Dear Parents and Caregivers,
你好 Nǐ hǎo!
In 2016, we are starting to explore options and plan towards taking a group of students to visit our sister school- Cíxī Elementary School, Níngbō China in September; travelling on about the 18th  of September  - and returning on the 1st or 2nd of October. This is part of our sister school programme and an exciting opportunity for our students to experience education outside the classrooms on an international scale.
The criteria for participation is that students are conscientious, reliable and considerate, that they work consistently in Mandarin and have an interest in the culture. The students who attended last year were outstanding ambassadors for our school and country and we know that the current students also display these characteristics and will be a credit to their families and the school.

As part of this programme, there will be extra Mandarin lessons required for these students on some Friday afternoons from 2:00 to 2:30 from February to November 2015. These lessons will include communicating with an e-buddy from Cíxī to build friendship before the trip.
We envisage taking a group of 4 adults (including 2 teachers) and 12 children. The cost of the trip will be approximately $3,500 per student.
Our proposed trip will involve spending time in Cíxī, experiencing their schooling system. We will also be visiting a few historical and tourist sites in China either side of the visit.
The school is working with an experienced travel agent, Academic Ezy Ltd, who has organised international exchange trips to China on a regular basis. The Auckland Níngbō Principals Association is also working closely with them.
Parents: There is the opportunity for parents to accompany the trip, the cost will be similar, with a single supplement to be paid. Emma (Millie’s mum) and Dave (Victoria’s dad) accompanied the group last year. 

Funding: There is a cost of approximately $3500 for this trip and this is to be funded by families. The group will have one fundraiser to raise money for our contingency fund. It is also expected that financial commitments to the school are up to date.

We ask you and your child to discuss this further and express your interest  in taking part in this programme by filling out the forms attached and returning them to Ms Lin before the1st March 2016.                                 

 Application for 2016 China Trip

First Name:
Gender:                                                          Age:                       DOB:
Why do I want to take part of this trip?

What qualities and contribution will I bring to the group?

I will be prepared to participate fully in the extra preparatory activities needed for this trip.
Sign: ____________________________________  Date: _______________

I give consent to my child ____________________  being involved in preparatory work  and the Parnell District School’s 2016 Sister School Initiative: A Trip to Cíxī, China.
I will meet all associated costs.

Sign: ____________________________________  Date: _______________

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