Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Adopt a Stream Assembly Presentation

Have a look at the slide show and script Ana, Bianca, Ede Amn and Grayson wrote and presented at assembly yesterday.

Thank you to all the intermediate students for your great work.

Adopt a stream

Hi my name are Grayson, Ede, Ana and Bianca, last term the whole year 7&8 syndicate went down to Air street reserve to adopt-a-stream. First we were split into groups of 7-8 and got given a pack of things we needed to use to test the water the first thing we did was the turbidity test, in turbidity test we took a sample of the water in a see through bottle we then had a chart with the numbers 2 3 4 and 5, the numbers were different shades of blue. We then put the chart underneath the bottle and had a look through the top of the bottle if we could see all of the numbers there was no turbidity in the water, which meant the water was clean.

The next test we did was the nitrate test, for this test we poured some of the water into a small jar, we had a stick with two squares on it and we put that in the water for 60 seconds and then we had a look at the squares on the stick if they were dark pink it meant the water was really dirty but if the stick didn’t change colour the water was clean.

The last test was the PH test, in this test we took a similar stick but with 4 squares on it we dipped that in the tube for 15 seconds and the compared it with a chart, there were numbers on the chart the best numbers to get were 7-8 anything above that was too acidic and anything below 7 was too alkaline.

And the last thing we did was looking for bugs, we used a scoop to collect the bugs out of the water, we then poured the water into a plastic container, some groups found bugs and some groups didn’t find anything; one group found a Bloodworm two Dobsonfly’s a Leech and some tadpoles.

We really enjoyed the experience and liked sharing it with you, thank you for listening.

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  1. Mrs Franklin Smith was impressed with the way you spoke, and used the slide how to support your information. She commented that many adults don't do this, that your presentation was very effective.
    Well Done.