Friday, 1 April 2016

We are off to Wellington. Monday 4th at 7.30 am.

PREPARATION FOR WELLINGTON This morning the students were informed that under the new health and safety regulations we were now required to have an immunization to visit Wellington. The children lined up and rolled up their sleeves ready - A few questioned 'Don't you have to have parent permission to have immunisations?' 'Really? When did this happen?' 'Do they have Zirka in Wellington' A couple discretely mentioned that it was April Fools Day but did not ruin it. HAPPY 1st of April. MONDAY 7.30 am Be at school in you full white shirt school uniform. On Tuesday afternoon we will be visiting the Gallipoli Exhibition. It has a Parental Guidance warning - attached is the link if you would like to discuss this further with your child over the weekend. See you all bright and early on Monday.

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