Tuesday, 30 June 2015

TERM 2 Amazing writing - by Lucy

As we hurled through space at 1,000,000 miles an hour I was lost in thought, I guess you could say I was day dreaming even though I didn't quite know whether it was day or night. I couldn’t fathom the thought that I might never go home again.

There was only 5 more hours until we reached Mars. I was getting my stuff together, putting it all into my red duffel bag. I was taking my photo off the wall. Then it hit me.in the thrill of being accepted I hadn’t thought about how much of a change this would be, I had left my whole life behind.

When I got off the space shuttle we went straight into the special tube that you had to use to go in and out of the domes ; basically the front door. I walked down the hall and all I could see was space, no sky, no clouds, no birds’ just stars. All I could see were stars. When I walked into my room I flopped onto my bed. There was almost no furniture, just the bed, a night stand and a dresser. It was so empty. But I guess this was my new home.

I went out into the greenhouse I felt suddenly felt claustrophobic. It was as if all the walls were closing in on me. I couldn’t breathe, all I could think about was how comfy my home on earth. I could almost feel my old bed underneath me. I went back into my shell of a room and just looked out into the stars.

When I woke up I went straight into the control room, the wall was lined with monitors and computers. I went over to the little door in the corner and stepped inside. It was the only line back to earth. All the walls were padded as the connection was not very strong. I dialed my mum’s phone number the phone rang and rang. After about the tenth ring she picked up. We talked for hours, or at least I think it was hours I still didn’t have a clue of what the time was.

That night all could think about was how much I missed home. I had dreamed that I was back on my old bed and I was watching my favourite cartoon. I thought I could smell my mum's home cooking. But, I couldn't I was on Mars, in my empty room, isolated from the rest of my civilization. I was so lonely. It was like someone's shadow was hanging over me just as a reminder that I was alone.

I couldn’t take it! I had spent 2 years on that red dusty planet. I hadn’t touched a real human since I had got onto the space shuttle. I was driving myself insane. The only noise was my own thoughts. I thought I could settle here and this could be my home.
 But now I’m stuck and I will never go home again.

By Lucy Woodhams

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