Thursday, 13 June 2013

What ? No reading, writing or maths for a whole day?

Room 23's responses to Incredible Science Day  -

A wet, wobbly substance drops onto my hand.
"Ha, ha. Success! I invented,uh... slime!

I thoroughly enjoyed our school's science fair. My top highlights were the puzzles where my friends and I formed beautiful paterns on the carpet. I also liked the big red hovercraft; where I went spinning to the other end of the room. It was an exciting day: learning new things about science.

The robot was really cool. He walked and did actions like Usain Bolt. he was controlled by a computer. When you walked away from him, he would follow you.
Turning on the hub was hard - when you put your arms out you went slow and when you pulled your arms into your body you went really fast.

Origami - how is that science?
The university person explained that is is taking 2 dimensional shapes and making them 3 dimensional. Developing these concepts are important for lots of scientific areas. Did you know that maths is a science?

We love the slime!!!!!
It was kinda gooey

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