Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Start of term 2

                                                                        Start of Term 2

At the start of term two some kids and teachers came to school in an excited way with a grin on their face, ready to learn and meet their friends. We then had a fantastic sunny day from mother nature. We shared stories about our two week holiday with our friends. Some kids had a dull face after missing the extraordinary two week holiday. After all the excitement we then had the same old same old day.It then reminded us of term 1 playing with our friends, eating lunch and learning new interesting things.

We are also starting new art and tech activities like skull making and cooking. We are looking forward  to participating in new school activties.

In Rom 24 we have been learning how to write more interesting narratives. We have started by looking at introductions and different ways we could make it an exciting start by using different language features.

 Our class has also being doing fitness each day by running around the field and competing against each other. Our class fitness level has improved alot!

OUr spelling words this week are based on the 'sh' sound.

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by Ilaisa Tela and Alex Crichton

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